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"Lisa Low has been extremely helpful to Vertrax in putting us on and moving us along the SBIR trail. She is very creative and diligent in uncovering and connecting the myriad of dots along the way, and her excellent follow-through has been invaluable. A true partner in achieving our objectives "
Tony Montemurno, CFO of Vertrax, Inc

Small Business Innovative Research

Attention Small Businesses

If you are interested in submitting an SBIR proposal, but aren't certain of your writing, team management, or diplomatic skills... Lisa Low & Associates can help you.

  • You are the expert in your technology
  • We are expert writers, proposal managers, and public relations pros
  • Together we can make SBIR grants happen for your small business.

How an English Major with Public Relations talent can help you be more successful:
You will often hear that you are "well advised" to use an English major to edit your SBIR solicitation. What you don't hear is that a good "English" major with top notch writing, team management, and public relations skills can pull your team together in relation to the awarding agency and drive the application process through to timely victory. At Lisa Low & Associates we pull the components of your team together with the funding agency; we drive a timeline, and we help you write, refine, and sharpen your application, making sure it is written with visual appeal, technical accuracy, and narrative precision that makes it stand a head or two above the competition. We also work directly with officials at the awarding agency to pave the way for your proposal.

How we can help you be more successful:
Lisa Low & Associates is headed by a Ph.D. in English Literature with over 20 years of professional writing, project management, and public relations experience. While Lisa Low & Associates can't invent a solution to the technical challenge your company faces, we can manage your grant application process, delivering a top-notch proposal on time into the waiting hands of a government official who has been negotiated with ahead of time and who has a technical interest in seeing your good idea come to light.

You come up with the idea.

We make it speak.

Loudly and clearly. So that others share your vision.

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It can mean the difference between getting, and not getting, your grant. It can mean the difference between your looking like a consummate professional--or like someone still learning the ropes.


John Keegan, Oxford Regional Innovation Center
Winner of Multi-Year Connecticut Community Foundation Grant