Lisa Low and Associates - Grant Administration and Public Relations

"I've worked closely with Lisa Low on greenway trail and open space planning. Her dedication, enthusiasm, and 'let's go get it' attitude sparked the imaginations and drive of everyone involved on the projects."
Tom Adamski
Oxford Conservation Commission
Winner of Recreational Trails and Open Space Grants


Millions of dollars in competitive grants are available to municipalities every year: firefighter assistance grants, public safety grants, open land acquisition grants, road resurfacing and repair grants, waste plant and water quality improvement grants, senior and community center construction grants, recreational trail building grants, economic and community development grants, Brownfield redevelopment grants among dozens of others.

Unfortunately, many towns have neither the staff nor know-how to take advantage of these opportunities. Un or under-funded, needed community projects too often fall by the wayside. Small towns especially suffer by not getting their share of funds.

By outsourcing the high-pressure and often complicated business of grant writing and administration to us, your community can benefit. To the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We are a team of experienced and successful grant writers and administrators.

So sit back, relax, and leave the headaches of grant writing and administration to us. Call 203-888-5624 for a list of this year's grants received and for a free consultation on how we can help you.


"I can't thank or praise you enough. Without your help we couldn't have gotten the last four years' CDBG grants. Your staff is only a phone call away and you always get the grant. I hope you are consultant for the City of Ansonia for as long as I'm here."
Carol Forcier
Community Development Specialist
City of Ansonia